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Now Hiring

Writers, Actors, Musicians, Sound Designers, Illustrators, Interviewers/Commentators and Administrative Personnel

We are currently hiring all types of artists in 3 different capacities.

Your application will be submitted for all three.

Fill out an application HERE

Check out what the website is about HERE

1 – Testimonials Needed

10 people are needed for a crowdfunding video. The video will be released on November 15th, 2012 on either Kickstarter.com or Indiegogo.com.

You would check out our site and give a testimonial as to how this site could benefit you as an artist.

You may record this video by yourself if you have good equipment. If you don’t have good equipment you will be required to film at our studio. Filming will occur in mid-late Oct.

2 – Content Creation

Upon launch of our site we will hire a significant number of artists of all types to create movie, TV and theatrical scripts. This is to insure that the site launches with a lot of activity and gets us through beta quickly.

For this position you would work from home and upload your work to our site.

We are also hiring independent acting groups who could video a performance of scripts in progress.

3 – Staff Artist

MoviesIndeed.com needs artists of all types for permanent positions, such as: helping other users as an expert voice, creating content related their art as needed by users, accompanying users who wish to have a staff artist on their team.

You would also work from home for in these positions.

We are hiring independent acting groups for these positions as well.

Finally, for our Reel News section, we are hiring interviewers and commentators to furnish weekly movie reviews and provide video footage of local events and interviews of local talent.

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